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MyDrivingReport.com brings you an instant and reliable way of obtaining driving records. Ordering is fast and user friendly using our automated system. You can print reports directly from your browser within minutes. Your information is securely collected directly from the official Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles database. This database is also used by law enforcement, insurance companies, and employers to check driver information.

Unisoft Communications Inc.is an authorized provider of driver history records for the State of Florida. The driver history records come directly from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the information displayed on your driving report you can contact the DHSMV at 850-488-9145.

DHSMV provides three report options: a 3-year report ($15.95), a 7-year report ($18.95) and a complete driving history ($22.95).

Please make sure the correct option is selected before ordering.  Requesting multiple reports will initiate multiple charges to your credit card.

MyDrivingReport.com saves your reports for 120 days. You can reprint those reports at any time without incurring an additional charge during this period.

Please, read our "frequently asked questions" in our FAQ section for more answers to common questions.