Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How accurate is the information I obtain from this website?
Your driving report comes directly from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) database. This is the same source used by insurance companies to check your driving history.
Q:  What do I do if the information on my driving report is incorrect?
Please contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) at (850)617-2000 to report any incorrect entries on your driving report.
Q:  What is on my driving report?
  • Driver license/identification card issuances, exams passed, as well as driver education.
  • Guilty convictions for traffic violations that are within 3 or 5+ years of the conviction date.
  • Crash entries, within 3 or 5+ years of the crash date, when a traffic citation was issued as a direct result of the accident.
  • All open suspensions, revocations, cancellations and disqualifications of the driving privilege.
Q:  Why is my social security number incorrect on my report?
In order to protect your personal information from unauthorized use and identity theft, we have “blocked” your social security number.
Q: Why doesn't a recent ticket appear on my report?
The DHSMV database is updated after you have either paid the fine, attended driving school, or after court adjudication. The courts must send conviction information within ten days after adjudication of the case, and then the DMVHS has to input this data into their database. Contested and out-of-state tickets may take several months to appear in your report.
Q:  I'm getting an error message, what does this mean?
Most credit card payments fail because the information supplied is incorrect. Please make sure the street address and zip code provided matches exactly the address in your credit card statement. The card security code (CSC) is located either on the back of the card after the card number, or, as in the case of American Express, on the front of the card. Please contact us if, after reviewing your information, the system is not allowing you to continue the process.
Q:  What happens if, after entering my credit card information, the transaction is terminated?
Even though we offer 24/7 services, we might experience downtime for connectivity or database maintenance. Our system is designed to recognize failed transactions, in which case, it will automatically 'void' the charge. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or doubts about your transaction.
Q:  What if I need to see or re-print my driving report? saves your report for 120 days. You can see or re-print your report free of charge during this 120-day period.
Q:  What if I don’t have my Florida license number?
You must contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, they will ask for some information to verify your identity and provide your license number. Their number is (850) 617-2000.
Q:  Do will you offer other reports?
Tickets: Copies of tickets can be obtained by contacting the Bureau of Records, Division of Driver Licenses at (850)617-2000.
Accident Reports: Copies of accident reports may be obtained from Crash Records, DHSMV at (850)617-3416.
Q:  Can I obtain a Certified Copy of my driving report?
If you need a certified copy of your driving report, go to your local Clerk of Courts Office. To find the nearest Clerk of Courts Office, visit To request a copy by mail, visit the DHSMV’s website at